Make a Corn Dolly – The Harvest Heart

I’ve completed a step-by-step guide to help you make your own beautiful corn dolly. These are brilliant decorative pieces for the harvest period, and also make wonderful gifts. If you can plait, you can make one of these! Full instructions can be found here.

Tidy up with scissors, and finish it off with a pretty bow.


The Legend of Black Vaughan

The Spooky Isles has published an article on Black Vaughan, a terrible character from Herefordshire that caused woe and despair even after death. Read it in full, here.


Debut Issue of Mythology Magazine, now on Amazon

You can now pick up the first copy of the exciting Mythology Magazine on Amazon as a print issue. Crammed with brilliant articles on mythology from around the world, I’m proud to have contributed with an article on Merrows; mysterious sea-people, found in Irish folklore.

Don’t delay, grab a copy today! am



The Routine Job

“Aiming low, he picked out targets near the front of the approaching mob with his bolter which slowed the charge a little as the orks behind stumbled to get past their fallen. Sisera stood behind them, aiming over their heads; target areas calculated in milliseconds to cause maximum damage. Dozens of xenos exploded in showers of green pulp. As the murderous tide of orkish fury charged towards them, the three Ultramarines unleashed the wrath of Ultramar. But it was not enough.”

I’m a big fan of Warhammer. The lore, the miniatures, the game. My geekery knows no bounds! From time to time I dabble in fiction inspired by the science-fiction and fantasy settings, and this short story is from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, pitching the mighty Ultramarines against Orks. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Make a Magical Rowan Necklace

The Rowan, or Mountain Ash, has long been praised in folklore for its magical properties. A necklace from the berries is said to protect the wearer. You can find out more and learn how to make your own in this article.


The Goblin in the Forest – A story for children

“Once upon at time, far away, there was a deep dark forest, called the Forest of Feckenham. It was so dark, that in the deepest parts, the sunshine never reached the ground through the trees, and it was there that a goblin lived.”

A short story, perfect for bedtimes. You can find it in full, here.


Ghosts on Wheels!

Something really strange happened to me earlier this year. We saw a van which overtook us, then seemed to disappear. Was this a common occurrence? Had anyone else experienced anything like this? Apparently so. Read more in my article, “Ghosts on Wheels – Mysterious Phantom Vehicles”.


August’s Celtic Guide is Out!

A little late in posting this, so apologies! August’s issue is available now and you can download it for free here.  My contribution this month features the legendary Irish Elk.

Celtic Guide will be every two months going forward, so look out for announcements about future issues.