Tom Crean, Antarctic Explorer

Known as the gentle giant of Annascaul, Tom Crean’s adventures in the frozen continent of Antarctica are nothing short of legendary. I’ve written about this quiet hero for June’s issue of Celtic Guide.

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Seidhr – Magic of the Norse

Seiðr (pronounced saythe) covers a broad range of magical practices within the Norse myths. But what exactly is it? And is this art strictly limited to women?

You can read the article in full, here.


Stones in the Mist – Riasc Early Christian Site

With a large collection of beautifully inscribed stones, Riasc Monastic Settlement is believed to date from the 5th or 6th Century. It is one of Ireland’s best kept secrets, which I’d highly recommend visiting if you ever tour the Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry. Finds from the site are a smoking gun pointing to the origins of early Christianity in Ireland.


Shakespeare’s Curse

Fearful that his remains would be dug up, famous playwright, William Shakespeare had a curse inscribed over his grave in his final resting place in Stratford-upon-Avon. But was this enough to stop his bones being disturbed? Read my latest article for The Spooky Isles.



Inon Zur Interview

Famous for his scores for Dragon Age, EverQuest, Lord of the Rings:War in the North, Lineage, Rift, and Prince of Persia,  Inon Zur is a well-respected composer in the gaming industry. He was kind enough to allow me to question him for the online radio station Radio Rivendell, in 2011. Have a read and discover his wonderful music.



Rhuddlan Castle & its Ghost

Located in North Wales, Rhuddlan Castle’s ruins are a stark reminder of the tempestuous history of Wales. The stories from its history are fascinating enough, but it has left its legacy in the imagination too. Is the castle haunted? In The Ghost of Rhuddlan Castle, we look at the legend of The Knight of the Blood Red Plume; a story that brings to mind the works of George R. R. Martin!



Tiger 131, The Haunted Tank of Bovington

The Tank Museum in Bovington is home to a top class collection of tanks and armoured vehicles. Located in Dorset, the site has a strong link with the military history of the tanks that it houses. There are some rare vehicles here, including Tiger 131, one of the last working Tiger tanks in the world. As if this isn’t astonishing enough, there are rumours that it is haunted by the ghost of one of its German crew. Read more about this in Bovington’s Haunted Tiger Tank.



May Day Mayhem!

Ah, summertime. The 1st May is celebrated in the British Isles as May Day, with many parts of the holiday traceable back to the Celtic festival of Beltane. This of course gives the green light for all sorts of wacky and dangerous activities up and down the country. Learn about a few of them in this article that I have written for The Spooky Isles.