The Magical Staves of Iceland

A remote island of fire and ice, steeped in legends. Iceland has long aroused our imaginations with tales of the Norse in the Eddas and Sagas of old. Witches, and sorcerers too walk this land, who have used symbols known as staves for magical purposes. I explored the history of this, and looked at a few of the examples in this piece. There are some links for books to get your hands on if you want to study these further.



February Issue of Celtic Guide

The February 2015 issue of Celtic Guide is out, and I am delighted to have an article in this month’s magazine. The theme for the month is Voyages, and my ┬ácontribution looks at the voyage of St Brendan.

This Irish saint is said to have discovered America, but is there any truth in the claim? And is the story older than the Christian legend?

You can download your free copy here, or order it online at Amazon soon.brendan