Ireland’s Beehive Huts

Concentrated around Kerry in south west Ireland, these huts are a striking and intriguing feature on the landscape. But what are they? We take a tour of some of the sites in a quest to discover more.



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Legends of Cahergall Ringfort

Cahergall Stone Ringfort can be found on Ireland’s Ivereagh Peninsula, near Cahersiveen, Kerry. Its true age is not known, and its history is as mythical as the legends told about the place. Fairy footballers, sorcery, and the Tuatha Dé Danann, when you enter the place, you can see why it is so awe inspiring.fort


A Haven for the Mad? Or a Lost Place of Healing?

Gleann na nGealt in Ireland is rich in folktales and legends featuring those afflicted with maladies of the mind. A recent scientific study produced some astonishing results that suggest the link between mental illness and the spring water was understood by the people of the area long before science became a discipline. The powers of the water were explained with magic and myth9121763_f520.


Blarney Castle’s Fascinating Lore

One of Ireland’s most well known castles, Blarney is visited by thousands of tourists each year. Many of these climb the steps to the top of the keep to kiss the legendary Blarney Stone, in the hopes that it will bestow the gift of eloquence. How did this legend come to be? In this article I explore the sources of this stone, and discover a fascinating past that ties in to a matriarchal goddess of an Irish clan.blarney


Anglo-Saxon Dialect still spoken

In the Black Country, a region in the Midlands of England, is a very special relic from times past. The dialect appears not to have shifted much from the Middle-English spoken by the Anglo-Saxons. Discover more in this article, The Black Country – Last Haven of the Mercian Tongue .

(image shows the recently created flag of the Black Country)black-country-west-midlands-5-x-3-flag-4142-p


Clotted Scream!

I have written up an article featuring a small selection of spooky folk tales from Cornwall. Giants, wraiths, and wicked souls fleeing the Devil himself… you can find them all herejan.


Saint Kenelm & His Well

Tucked away in the Clent Hills in Worcestershire, England, is a wonderful little place. St. Kenelm’s church sits at the head of a small gulley, which is part of the source of the River Stour. It is at this point that a holy well is sited, with an Anglo-Saxon legend attached to it; the boy-king Kenelm, and his foul murder.

Have at read of Saint Kenelm’s Holy Well to learn more about the story.kenelm