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Gods of the Germanic Peoples, Volumes 1 & 2

I have had the honour of illustrating both volumes of the latest books by renowned author, GardenStone. These books explore the academic lore of nearly 300 Germanic and Norse deities, from Roman times to the Viking age.

I’ve produced over 60 drawings, and there are many more illustrations and photos. There are also 100 works of creative writing to bring to life the lives of those people that would have lived with these deities in their lives.

Both are available on Amazon as black and white issues, but you can buy full colour versions of Volume 1 and Volume 2 from the author’s online shop. You can choose the language the page appears in by looking out for the flag icon at the top of the page.

These are a fantastic reference resource for anyone interested in this field.Nerthus


February Issue of Celtic Guide

The February 2015 issue of Celtic Guide is out, and I am delighted to have an article in this month’s magazine. The theme for the month is Voyages, and my  contribution looks at the voyage of St Brendan.

This Irish saint is said to have discovered America, but is there any truth in the claim? And is the story older than the Christian legend?

You can download your free copy here, or order it online at Amazon soon.brendan


Find me on Google +

As I shamelessly endeavour to take over the internet, you can now find me on Google + . I’d love to see you there!


Anglo-Saxon Dialect still spoken

In the Black Country, a region in the Midlands of England, is a very special relic from times past. The dialect appears not to have shifted much from the Middle-English spoken by the Anglo-Saxons. Discover more in this article, The Black Country – Last Haven of the Mercian Tongue .

(image shows the recently created flag of the Black Country)black-country-west-midlands-5-x-3-flag-4142-p


Clotted Scream!

I have written up an article featuring a small selection of spooky folk tales from Cornwall. Giants, wraiths, and wicked souls fleeing the Devil himself… you can find them all herejan.


News now on Twitter!

I am tentatively taking the plunge to start utilising Twitter as a way to share headlines and articles. If you have an account on there, look me up! @ SeidrJones


Germanic & Norse Deities

Some very exciting news! A project that has taken over 2 years, is now close to the finish. The scholar who goes by the nom de plume, Garden Stone, is adding the final touches to a two volume reference guide to Germanic, Norse, and Roman Era deities found in Britain and Northern Europe. The books are a reference guide to each deity, and some feature a short piece of fiction, illustrations, and artwork.

I am proud to have been a part of this, as over 60 of my drawings are included in this work. There will be more information soon about where to purchase the book, which will come in a standard black and white, and also a deluxe full colour edition. As a teaser, here is one of my monochrome illustrations, which depicts the Lady of the Vanir as she soars the worlds in her falcon cloak.

See Garden Stone’s blogfreya for further details!


Now on Pinterest

I have to be honest, whilst I love interesting photos and paintings, I struggle to spend time browsing online scrapbooks. The reason? I could waste an entire day looking at all the lovely stuff on there! I’ve put it off for long enough and have bowed to pressure. You can now find all the illustrations used in my more recent and upcoming articles on my Pinterest page. If you have an account, it would be lovely for you to follow me.


I am now on HubPages!

It was suggested to me by good friend, and fellow writer Carolyn Emerick, that I started using HubPages for writing up articles. I’ve taken the decision to do just that, as it provides me with a handy way in writing and organising the articles I have been working on.

I will continue to use this site, but it will be more for news, musings, and smaller random snippets that are not long enough to produce an article in their own right.

You can find me on HubPages, here.


Orchard Wassail article on Worcestershire Life website

I have written a short article for Worcestershire Life about the tradition of the Orchard Wassail, it’s origins, and an example of a modern revival of this ancient ritual. You can read it in full here: