Germanic & Norse Deities

Some very exciting news! A project that has taken over 2 years, is now close to the finish. The scholar who goes by the nom de plume, Garden Stone, is adding the final touches to a two volume reference guide to Germanic, Norse, and Roman Era deities found in Britain and Northern Europe. The books are a reference guide to each deity, and some feature a short piece of fiction, illustrations, and artwork.

I am proud to have been a part of this, as over 60 of my drawings are included in this work. There will be more information soon about where to purchase the book, which will come in a standard black and white, and also a deluxe full colour edition. As a teaser, here is one of my monochrome illustrations, which depicts the Lady of the Vanir as she soars the worlds in her falcon cloak.

See Garden Stone’s blogfreya for further details!